Thalus of Athos – Disclosure

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The author Alf Jasinski, was for many years, a member of the M.O.H.L.A. Order (Mystical Order of Aton’s Hermetic Teachings - dissolved on 03/21/2006), he was assigned to make the knowledge of the order accessible to the public.

With the help of his friend’s - Friar Thalus of Athos - diary, the author clarifies earthly, inner terrestrial and extraterrestrial relationships. The book is based on firsthand reports, not on speculations.

Mysteries; like religions, human evolution, extraterrestrial influences, the myth about the hollow Earth (inner earth) and contradictory teachings of the M.O.H.L.A. Order, are deciphered. Many deplorable social, economic and political states of affairs are explained in an understandable and lively manner.

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